After reading the following post, I was wondering if I could achieve something similar with my own setup. I do own an old Technics SL505. However the nasty part of this setup is that each components are connected to each other using some kind of specific Technics ribbon cable:

Technics Ribbon Cable

Opening the RS-CH404 cassette player component, I was able to see the labels:

Inside RS CH404 cassette player

However those do not make much sense to me. Could anyone confirm I should be able to plug my RPi Zero using this connection cables ?

Ideally I would power up the RPi Zero directly from it as well as connect the audio out to it.

Update, searching for the manual online, I was able to find a page where to Download Technics SL-CH505 Service Manual.

The schematic is given page 14:

Technics Ribbon Cable Schematic

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