I'm wondering once I'm in Kodi and it freezes what do I do? Is it possible to force quit the program? or is there a way to do a reboot of the system? It's happened a few times now where the system freezes and I seem to always have to pull the power to reboot. I'm wondering if there are better steps to do before It comes to that. Does that make sense?


Try CtrlAltF1-6. At least one of this should take you to a plain text login. From there you should be able to get the PID of the Kodi process -- presuming it's called kodi, which I don't know:

ps -C kodi

This will respond with a number, or nothing it it is not actually called kodi, in which case you could try ps -A | grep kodi to see if it is something more elaborate (e.g kodi-foo). Once you have the PID number:

sudo kill ...

Where ... is the number. If that doesn't work, try kill -9 ....

If/once you are sure of the name of the process you can also just use:

sudo killall kodi

To save looking up the PID. You can use -9 with killall.

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