I need a way for call agents to be able to change keyboard layout to the language they need via dedicated desktop shortcut icons. E.g. Chinese agent double-clicks icon "chinese language" and he gets it, Ukrainian agent double-clicks "ukrainian language" etc. so that everybody gets their special language characters.

I tried running a script which rewrites /etc/default/keyboard e.g. from "us" to "gb" keyboard and seemed to work. But found out only root can do that and call agents should not be sudoers.

I was looking for a script to bring up Keyboard layout window, that would be a nice way as well, agents could then just scroll, find their language and change it easily.

I googled intensively and couldn't find anything real. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks!


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Just found a great solution.

Right-click bottom bar => Add / Remove Panel Items => Add => Keyboard Layout Handler

I can then easily change keyboard layout by clicking the flag appearing in bottom bar.

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