I installed golang via (on RPi3, Raspbian Stretch)

sudo apt install golang

Currently go version reports

go version go1.7.4 linux/arm

I successfully compiled and ran some go program that toggles GPIO using "go-rpio" library.

The question is can I copy/move the resulting binary program to RPI2,1, as well other Raspbian distribution (such as Jessie).

How portable is the binary generated by golang?

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"How portable is the binary generated by golang?": It depends

  • a) on your build process, which CPU Architecture

  • b) additional Package Dependencies

    (For example, CGO_ENABLED=1 possible ? In my example it wasn`t, cause my Golang Binary got C Dependencies as well)

Generally building a golang binary and run it on other distribution "out of the box" is not 100% right. There could be always some "hidden" Dependencies which prevents your binary to be "static" , even if you`re trying to import it to another Distribution.

Additional Link to "Static Golang Binaries: https://medium.com/@diogok/on-golang-static-binaries-cross-compiling-and-plugins-1aed33499671

Hope I Could answer your Question.

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