Does anyone know what I need to do with network configuration when installing Ubuntu core on the Raspberry Pi 3?

I was able to download the Ubuntu image and copy it onto a small SD card as the Ubuntu page describes, but when I try to use it to install Ubuntu on my Raspberry Pi 3, I get stuck on the initial network configuration menu. I can't figure out what it wants me to set there.

I tried entering the same info I got from my other laptop using ipconfig with the static address options, but that didn't work. I then tried using the other option that starts with a D and just says uses .... I tried just leaving it set to Don't Use, but it didn't work.


Well, here's a video taking you through the steps of installing Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi 3. Basically, from what you are saying, you are stuck at configuring what us old timers would call the /etc/interfaces. Here's a few bits of information to help you figure out what you need to put in here:

  • eth0 is your ethernet cable interface. Make sure you have a network cable plugged in that goes to a router if you are intending on using this
  • wlan0 is your WiFi interface. Make sure you have the WiFi's name and password if you are intending on using this
  • static address means you want your Raspberry Pi to always be at that IP address. This is usually preferable, but it's not a have-to
  • DHCP is the opposite of a static address. Your router will be assigning your Pi an IP address. This is easier to setup and can usually be changed later
  • IPv4 or DHCPV4 is the "old-school" IP address system. This is what most people use
  • IPV6 or DHCPV6 is the "new and improved" IP address system. You probably don't need this
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