I am using Raspbian Stretch on my Pi 3. It has been working fine for last couple of months. However, recently I am experiencing a weird issue.

I cannot SSH to it. When I connect, it shows the login window, asks for user name (login as:) and as soon as I put the user name, the connection is terminated.

And, if I'm already connected via SSH, the commands fail to work. So far I saw cd working for me. other commands are failing. For example, ls gives an error as no command /bin/ls

Also, if I manage to open the Samba share before the Pi stops, I can continue using it. However, I cannot connect to the Samba share if I try after the Pi stops responding. The two LEDs keep glowing continuously.

Any help?

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After few days of observing I found that the issue lies with the SD Card. The card seems to be corrupted and many a time soon after booting up, the card fails and hence the Pi stops responding.

This was little tricky as I run the Pi headless and so do not see the issue. I connected the Pi to my TV and for first few trials over few days, it seldom failed. So, the detection took some time.

I tried doing a read from the card to make a clone. But that failed everytime saying there is a hardware related problem. This suggested that the SD card is damaged.

I replaced the SD card and it is working fine.

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