I just was lucky enough to win a Raspberry Pi 3 at a school fair. I inserted an SD card with the boot image and gave it power. However, the green LED would not flash to show it was booting. I have flashed the same image onto the card multiple times and it still wont work.

Any help is appreciated thanks!

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Try re-downloading the image because it may be corrupt, another issue may be that your SD card has come to the end of its life and you will need a new one.

  • Thanks so much, i was starting to think that the pi was broken!
    – John Scott
    Dec 6, 2017 at 18:02

If the green light never comes on it is rejecting the SD card, either:

  • The SD card was not formatted properly.
  • The SD card is no good.
  • The Pi is broken.

Note this potentially isn't true for the Pi 2, where instead the green LED will come on and stay on rather than being off.

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