The title says it all... but now I want the previous Raspbian versions' default behaviour i.e., visudo to be the editor for all users when editing the /etc/sudoers file.

I'm using Raspbian "Stretch".

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The Debian alternatives system creates a way for several programs that fulfill the same or similar functions to be listed as alternative implementations that are installed simultaneously but with one particular implementation designated as the default. For example many systems have several text editors installed at the same time. The vi program is a classic example of an editor that has many implementations such as nvi, elvis, vim, etc. but which one should be designated as the default?

Debian's alternatives system aims to solve the problem of selecting a default preferred version. Management is done through the update-alternatives program that creates, removes, maintains and displays information about the symbolic links constituting the Debian alternatives system. Priorities are assigned by package creators. The alternative with the highest priority determines the default value when in automatic mode. Additionally the local administrator may override the automatic selection with a manual selection.


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