I have a rpi 3 with the v2 camera running stretch 9.1. I've installed raspicam and uv4l according to the instructions on linux-projects.org.

I have the janus gateway setup on a separate box. I am trying to use the h264 hardware encoder and stream to the video room plugin in janus.

Using the streaming front-end on the rpi, I can go to the webrtc page (/stream/webrtc) and view the camera. Without the "Force use of hardware codec" checked, the cpu load is about 120% overall (from top). With that box checked, it drops to about 60%. I've enabled debug level 7 for uv4l, but I don't see anything in syslog to confirm the video codec being used.

Below are some of the settings I have in /etc/uv4l/uv4l-raspicam.conf:

encoding = h264

server-option = --webrtc-enable-hw-codec=yes

When using the streaming server "Join a room with Janus" page, I see the restriction message below:

enter image description here

On the janus side, if I leave VP8 as the default codec for the video room, it works. If I change it to h264 only, I don't get video. And the Janus debug shows that the uvl4/webrtc on rpi isn't offering h264 in the sdp negotiation.

I'm not sure what "restricted edition" means. Is this a limitation of uv4l or the webrtc implementation? Or something with my rpi or camera?


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The author of U4VL is elusive and secretive. I suggest using the contact form on www.linux-projects.org to negotiate a contract for commercial use. The pseudonyms of the author on the Raspberry Pi StackExchange are "prinxis" and "RpiName" on raspberrypi.org - you can try to contact him/her that way too.

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