So I installed Raspbian Jessie onto my Raspberry Pi 3 because I want to use RetroPie and Stretch doesn't support it yet. I installed Raspbian just fine, it boots and works as expected.

After that I went on to manually install RetroPie, and since that the following happens:

  1. Raspbian boots into desktop - tty7, great.
  2. Maybe 5 seconds after this, it automatically reverts to tty1 and I have to Ctrl + Alt + F7 back into desktop mode.

So far I have tried the following:

  1. I have run raspi-config and within boot options have set it so it boots into Desktop without password, however this doesn't work.
  2. I have run retropie_setup.sh and set the boot option to boot into desktop mode, this does not work.
  3. Similarly, I have set emulationstation to run on boot, which works fine but then if I close out of emulation station, xserver is not running and I have to run startx to get a GUI.

Has anybody got any other ideas I can try please?

Thank you.


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Solution: edit the splashscreen shell script using

sudo sed -i 's/fbi -T 2/fbi -T 1/g' /opt/retropie/supplementary/splashscreen/asplashscreen.sh

You might have to do that again after updating RetroPie using retropie_setup.sh (I had to).

Background info: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/10034/display-switch-from-pixel-to-tty1-after-manual-installation

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