I am trying to install Arch Linux using NOOBS. I have put it onto a 16GB SD card and applied power to the Pi (Pi 2, model B) and it started with no problems. However, all the menu options (Edit config, Wifi networks, Online help, Exit) are greyed out. The Install option naturally becomes available when I select one of the two available OSs (Raspbian and LibreELEC).

How can I unlock these to connect to the internet and install Arch Linux? I am not using the standard internet adapter (I'm using one from LOTEKOO) but it has worked with my Pi in the past (Raspbian installed via NOOBS).


Unless NOOBS has been changed, this is not possible. (This is due to compression used by Arch.)

If you want to run Arch, I suggest you give PINN a try.

PINN is derived from NOOBS, and performs similar functions, but has most of the bugs squashed, a vast range of choices of distribution and has a number of additional features to make image maintenance easier.

I don't know if this will solve your dongle problem.

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