I am having trouble getting omxplayer to automatically play a video after a small delay after powerup, AND be able to use the keyboard controls.

I am adding the omxplayer command to the /etc/rc.local to play a video immediately after boot, but none of the keyboard inputs will work.

I think it has to do with the /etc/rc.local not having "scope" or something to the terminal. I tried calling the omxplayer command from lxterminal -e but this never seems to start the playback.

Any suggestions?


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This is linked to Auto-login into LXDE and auto-start video-player (omxplayer) which gives the answer:

lxterminal -e "omxplayer -b --loop --no-osd /home/pi/Videos/MyVideoFile.mp4"

This has always worked well on Jessie, but I get what you describe when I try this on Stretch. The solution appears to be adding the -l (login shell option)

lxterminal -l -e "omxplayer -b --loop --no-osd /home/pi/Videos/MyVideoFile.mp4"

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