Is there anyone that has a functional raspberry pi zero with Kali installed? I am asking because I can't figure out the parameters to connect using SSH


More specific, I can't figure out what is the IP of my rpi, meaning I can't figure out what to write in my command line after ssh.

OS in RPi: Modded Kali from Re4son

OS in PC: Windows 8.1

  • Just out of curiosity... why Kali? and why a modded Kali that is hosted on Google Docs??? ... Kali is a very specialized distro, it's not for non-expert GNU/Linux users. It's kind of like bringing a fighter jet to a horse race... unless you have a real need for the specialization, I would recommend Raspbian ... It's unlikely you're going to get a good answer unless you edit your question with copious specifics regarding the configuration. I'll look at the image files tomorrow... Sticky Fingers or the other one? – RubberStamp Dec 24 '17 at 3:50
  • "Sticky Fingers" image behaves normally during mounting. The 2017.3 image seems corrupt even though the sha256sum is correct. It looks like /boot/config.txt is missing in both image files... and neither seems likely to have working networking out of the box.... As previous comment: If you don't really actually need Kali, use Raspbian for general purpose or something like OpenElec for media center... or openWRT for routers. – RubberStamp Dec 24 '17 at 4:43
  • @RubberStamp The truth is that I have worked with Raspbian before and so I just wanted to test Kali on Raspberry. At this point I should say that I am working on a project that requires some of Kali's tools, but I believe I can find those on git. Either way thank you for your time. – George Nostradamos Dec 24 '17 at 11:33

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