Can you download with no problem the app Stickman and not damage your Raspberry Pi (a Raspberry Pi 3 in particular)?

Another question I have is if you can play League of Legends, Hearthstone, etc.

  • The Pi uses what is called ARM architecture and it is completely different to the architecture your desktop computer uses. This means unless a program is built for the Pi it's not going work. Also the Pi really doesn't have the performance for playing games like league of legends anyway. – Darth Vader Dec 24 '17 at 17:38

The quick answer:

No, you cannot run it on the Pi at this time (same goes for the other games you mentioned).

The full answer:

Stickman is a Windows GUI application. It requires the full Windows OS to run properly. Unfortunately, as of this time (Dec 2017) there is not a full version of Windows that runs on the Pi, or any other ARM-processor device. There is a lightweight IoT version of Windows that runs on the Pi, but it is not intended for running full-fledged traditional Windows applications and/or games.

Good luck!


If either of the following is true then yes, otherwise no.

  1. It is a Linux executable built for the Pi's CPU.
  2. You have the source code and it is compatible with Linux.

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