Is there some way I can detect available WiFi networks, which are open, using Python? I know I can do it on my Ubuntu box, but I haven't received my Pi yet, so I haven't been able to run the same code on it.


PS - Here's the code I use on Ubuntu.

from gi.repository import NetworkManager, NMClient

nmc = NMClient.Client.new()
devs = nmc.get_devices()

for dev in devs:
    if dev.get_device_type() == NetworkManager.DeviceType.WIFI:
        for ap in dev.get_access_points():
            print ap.get_ssid()

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there's no module 'gi' installed on raspi by default, but nobody can stop you from installing it manually. other than that, there's a nice command iwlist that shows a lot of information about available networks, so I suppose in the unlikely event you cannot install 'gi' on raspberry, you may just run iwlist from python and catch/parse the output.

  • Ah, nice! Well. Gotta wait for another week before I get my Pi. Thanks a ton!
    – Rudi Mk
    May 30, 2013 at 18:17

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