I am taking an old HP G62-407DX apart, and I have replaced the motherboard with a raspberry pi. With some help on Superuser, I figured out what the display used. Now, I would like to know how to limit the power output of my battery. I am trying to use the battery that the computer normally uses, but on the battery, it says "10.8V 4200 mAh." I really don't want to burn out my pi, so any answers on how to do this will be greatly appreciated.


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For this situation you are going to need an adapter that converts 10.8v down to the 5v needed by the Raspberry Pi. Typically you would use what is called a Buck Converter for this. These are readily available in online stores such as Amazon, ebay, etc.

Do a search for terms such as "12v to 5v dc-dc buck converter with usb output" to find one.

Note: For your input (10.8v) you will specifically want one that accepts input voltages less than 12v.

Good luck! Let us know what you find.

  • My RPi has been running for the last couple of years like this. I have a 12V battery connected to a battery charger that is designed to be permanently connected and then I have a pair of those low cost (only a few GBP each) buck-boost converters with an input range of 7 to 18 Volts DC - one provides 12V at up to 3A (IIRC) for things that need it (my electric front door lock and a wireless RC receiver) and the other a 5V 3A supply to my RPi (via an RPi specific UPS).
    – SlySven
    Dec 25, 2017 at 11:11
  • @MrChips Thanks for the great answer. I actually took apart an outdated car charger, following my friends instructions, and one of the boards inside (I don't remember the exact name) is functioning as a voltage regulator. I will definitely look into your solution though if this one breaks. Dec 25, 2017 at 20:26
  • @JaredGizersky Awesome! Glad to be of assistance. Merry Christmas!
    – MrChips
    Dec 25, 2017 at 20:28

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