I want to setup a simple movie player on all 5 tv's I have in a restaurant.

Is there a way I can split the signal coming out from my raspberry ?


HDMI splitter/switcher will easily go beyond several hundreds, it might be easier and cheaper to get one RasPi for every TV you have and control them all over a network.

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    And you get extra flexibility if you want the screens to not show identical content - you can easily do it – John La Rooy Jun 28 '13 at 11:56

It can be done, but watch out for signal loss. In my appartement i have one raspberry feeding 3 TVs, trough 2 splitters. I would say don't go over 50 feet and be sure you don't have a signal booster in your cable. That messes with the splitter signal.

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  • You are talking about splitter. He want to watch the same signal on all channels – Piotr Kula Aug 22 '13 at 15:50

This device claims to rebroadcast 1 signal to 4 TV's - It also says that you can place it at the end of a long cable and it will regenerate the signal.

It might not work with all kinds of devices because of DRM but it should be fine with the Raspberry Pi

enter image description here

Update November 2014

Please note that you can also get USB HDMI drivers now. Some are 1 USB to 2 HDMI HD display and basic video. Also there is the new DisplayLink but this is best used on USB 3.0, where you can use 1 USB port to disaply 4 monitors up to 5 display links giving you 20 monitors. Support on Linux is unknown to me for these but they might be worth researching. I use a USB3.0 on a USB2 port for an extra monitor just for programming on Windows, works great.

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