i have a bit of a connection issue between my newly acquired rpi 3B and my PC. Currently im going on 16h+ spent trying to debug the issue with no success and im turning to the community in hopes of fresh ideas :)

What i would like to do is open a ssh connection PC->rpi, where both are connected to LAN. PC is running win8.1 and is connected to LAN.


  1. default config on Wifi - fresh install
    • pulling correct IP from router (
    • router to/from rpi successful ping
    • rpi has internet access
    • local pc to from rpi cannot ping

I have discovered, that my router has AP isolation enabled, but since it has proprietary sw from my ISP, i cannot change this. I enabled UPnP though, nothing changed.

So i resorted to try both PC and rpi connected to the LAN ports of the router:

  1. default on LAN - fresh install
    • rpi is pulling an IP: Mind you this should not be correct, router is configured to give IPs from 192.168.1.xx-254
    • router to/from rpi failed ping
    • pc to/from rpi failed ping
    • rpi has no internet

Moving on:

    • sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces -> as original (empty)
    • sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf: (added below)
      • interface eth0
      • static ip_address =
      • static routers =
      • static domain_name_servers =

Result =>

  • rpi is getting static correct IP as above
  • rpi cannot connect to internet / no ping to google.com
  • router to/from rpi successful ping
  • pc to/from rpi failed ping

Ive tried a bunch more other things (one of them changing the default 22 port to 55555) but no luck with anything and i feel my sanity slipping.

In the end im not able to get a ping from pc-rpi, if you have any thoughts on this please let me know. Did not try PC connected to wifi yet, will do it in the meantime but i would like to avoid this solution, at least for the long term..

Happy holidays : )

Edit: SSH works on wifi :(

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