I am trying to get a python script with tkinter GUI to run in kiosk mode on startup without loading the entire X environments desktop and everything else.

I have the following script in ~/.xinitrc:

exec /home/pi/test.py --kiosk

Using Rasps-Config, if I boot to the console with auto login and type startx, then it works perfectly. However, if I boot to the desktop environment it loads the complete desktop and my script never runs. If I boot to the console and place a script in rc.local that runs startx, it still goes to the complete environment without running my script. However, I do get an error saying "no session for pid 786".

In this usage case, I do not have access to a keyboard so I am unable to type startx from the console to make it boot correctly.

Anyway have and ideas or solutions?

By the way, I'm running a Pi 3 with the latest image of stretch. It's a clean install except for the software to run Adafruit's 2.4" PiTFT screen.

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I seem to have answered my own question. When booting to desktop with auto login, the ~/.xinitrc file was not being read. I moved the same script to ~/.xsession and it seems to be working correctly now.

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