I'm doing a project that involves making a pair of headphones capable of active noise reduction. Specifically, I'm attempting to do impulse based noise reduction rather than blocking a constant repeating sound. I'll be programming in C++, and planned to use a Raspberry Pi, however it seems I would need a separate board for audio processing. Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use here, or possibly a better method than the Pi + sound board? I don't know a whole lot about audio processing or the hardware involved, so any knowledge shared is appreciated.

I am aware of the delays that using a Pi would likely introduce, however getting around those is part of the project's focus and I have some solutions in mind, but suggestions are also appreciated in this area.


There is an incomplete short list of sound cards available here on eLinux

You will most likely want to use a GPIO board rather then a USB sound card because of the USB latency issues.

I think you can get latencies as low as 1ms or less in some cases.

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