1. I would like to give an internet connection to my rpi3 no matter where I am.
  2. I have no screen and no keyboard for my rpi3, but I can modify the sd card in my computer.
  3. I saw a lot of thread where people says that it just need to add (iface usb0 inet dhcp) in /etc/network/interfaces but all this subject were written in 2015...
  4. If possible I would like to be connected by wifi and I already tried to put network={ ssid="nameOfMyMobilePhoneNetwork" psk="azertyuiop" }

And it doesn't work :'(

Can you help me plz ?


There is nothing special about tethering to a phone.

Obviously you have to setup a hotspot on your phone.

Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf to contain something like:-

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Detailed instructions are in How to set up networking/WiFi

DO NOT change any other files, if you have the correct contents of the files are shown.

If you are unable to edit the ext4 partition on the Pi you can put a wpa_supplicant.conf in the boot partition of the SD Card.

PS This assumes you are running Raspbian

PPS You do not say HOW you are attempting to access the Pi. Read the section on ssh to set this up.

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  • So why it doesn't work when I add in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf network={ ssid="Gateway" \\ name of my shared connection psk="azertyuiop" \\my password } It works with my livebox, but not with my phone.. And do I have to change also the dhcpcd.conf to put a static ip ? And in this case what is the router's address ? :s – Titou Jan 9 '18 at 16:07

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