I'm looking to build a super pi boy, in the original they use tactile switches. However, I'm not sure how to wire the tactile switches and make them work as a x b y up down left right etc. I'm also looking into cutting up this controller's pcb board https://www.adafruit.com/product/131 like in the super game pi but, would I need an adapter for the snes controller connections? Like the cupcade pcb adapter or other controller adapters. My last option would be to switch over to building a pigrrl 2.


Instead of building your own controller using tactile switches, you can cheaply buy a USB SNES controller. That's what I have done for my retro-pi setup. You can buy a kit that comes with controller PCB and case.

As you can see below, the buttons are rubber contact based and not tactile.

enter image description here

Here is a deal from Walmart, 2 controllers for $10 + Free shipping.

snes controller

Overall, tactile switches are not used in mainstream controllers from PS4, Xbox, SNES, NES, any Nintendo, etc. These mainstream controllers use soft switches / buttons with rubber pads.

If you are too inclined to build your own controller, then try to find some non-tactile switches. I'll try to improve this answer if I can find some good switches.

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