I want to use GPG on Raspberry but need support for older keys (RSA/IDEA/CAST) from PGP 2.6. I read for additional modules for GPG which support these algorithms like this:


But not sure whether this will work on Raspbian/ARM because of incompatible or missing libraries or other reason.


The linked website provides a source package. The instructions will build the source package.

Closer examination of the source package reveals that the building process will try to download a file called idea.c.gz and compile it.

This will also work on the Pi, since the code (idea.c) is written in portable C without assembler.

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  • IDEA is one of the missing algorithms in GPG. It is not the only difference with PGP 2.x. Your answer sounds like a supposition not a good knowledge of PGP/GPG. – i486 Jan 22 '18 at 9:22

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