I have recently brought Raspberry PI 3 Model B, however still don't have power supply which give output as 5V and 2A min.

Moto Turbo Charger output read as

  • Standard - 5V/2.85A
  • Turbo1 -9V/2.85A
  • Turbo2 -12V/2.15A

Is it safe to use this charger for power supply in Raspberry PI 3 Model B.

Here is link

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It sounds perfectly fine to use for a Pi. The Pi 3's requirements are listed in the FAQ:

The device is powered by 5V micro-USB.

Recommended PSU current capacity: 2.5 A

Maximum total USB peripheral current draw: 1.2 A

Typical bare-board active current consumption: 400 mA

Using a 2.5 A supply is recommended by the Pi Foundation, and it appears that one reviewer tried it with a Pi:

I also use one of these for my Raspberry Pi 3, because it can run 2.85A@5V, which is notably higher than other chargers, which seem to max out at 2.3-2.4A.

It sounds successful enough. It doesn't matter too much that the current rating is beyond the recommended, as current is only drawn through as required. Having a slightly higher rating (only 12% above the 2.5 A recommendation anyway) won't matter a lot.

Note that the turbo modes would not be appropriate, unless you like fried Pi!

No, seriously, using a 12 V supply will destroy your Pi. While it probably won't actually ignite (that was a 12 V lead-acid battery which probably supplied a lot more current), it certainly will be a paperweight after overloading it.

Fortunately, a brief read of the technical documents (that's for Quick Charge, which is largely the same as turbopower; see the marketing material for a reference) suggests that a device specifically has to negotiate for higher voltage; by default, it'll send just the normal 5 V of the USB standards.

  • I understand, 2.85 Amp is OK with PI 3. Are you saying it it safe to use this charger with PI 3 as it will provide 5v/2.85a and not 9v. Jan 13, 2018 at 18:31
  • 1
    Yes, it says it supports 'most micro-USB devices', so 5 V devices are supported. I believe that devices have to specifically ask the charger to use a higher voltage; by default it'll be 5 V only. Double check the manual though to be sure if you do order this.
    – Aurora0001
    Jan 13, 2018 at 18:36

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