I have a 7 inch touchscreen which has been working fine over the last few years but recently it has a dead zone across the centre (full width, landscape orientation). It works fine at the top 25% and the bottom 40% approximately.

I have checked the connections and they all seem OK - any suggestions please to get it to work properly over the whole screen?

I first noticed it using PiCorePlayer but have also confirmed the symptoms using Raspbian latest version. Presumably it is a hardware problem?

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Based on your description, it sounds like the screen has probably died from some kind of physical fault. The only way I can think of to ensure it may not be is to try it with a different RPi, but that seems like a long shot.

I'd suggest that accepting that the parrot is no more.

  • I think you are probably right. I have ordered a new screen and will report back once tested. Thanks. Jan 28, 2018 at 20:16

I'm experiencing the same problem using this display on ArchLinux-ARM. I was working fine today till evening. After dinner I perform a system update and now the touchscreen doesn't work correctly. I got a dead zone (only for the touch functionality) in the top side of the screen. I definitely cannot touch on the top side of the screen. I got other issues also in libinput inside Xorg. I think that it could be an upgrade problem (pointing to Waylan or Weston or libinput) - I know that with evdev I got no problem at all before, but something changes after upgrade, and libinput is the future (evdev will be deprecated)...


I have noticed the same problem in about 10% the units I've seen. After more than a year the touch area gets a dead zone that eventually grows until it's all gone. We use the same software on all units, so, it's most likely some kind of electrical issue.

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