Is there any way to connect a Raspberry Pi 3 wirelessly to a monitor? I am building a (caterpillar)tracked robot and want to develop code and test stuff out without needing the HDMI cable to be plugged in.

  • That always depends on your monitor. Which wireless connection capabilities does it have?
    – kwasmich
    Jan 22, 2018 at 14:21
  • 1
    You can also use remote dektop. Or develop on an acutal PC and just use Putty
    – Christian
    Jan 22, 2018 at 14:22
  • I highly recommend not to use Putty but either Microsofts latest own implementation of SSH or by installing the Windows Subsystem for Linux. It is also better to use a *nix system anyway.
    – kwasmich
    Jan 22, 2018 at 14:24
  • If you need to see what's actually on the not connected screen, you could use VNC. That also involves a separate computer.
    – kwasmich
    Jan 22, 2018 at 14:26
  • @kwasmich I'm not aware of my monitor having any wireless connection capabilities and I assumed it had none, so was expecting suggestions involving dongles or some other pieces of hardware. FYI my monitor is this: lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-34UM88 Jan 22, 2018 at 14:28

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If you just want to control the pi wirelessly, the easy answer, if you can work a command-line, is to enable the pi for wifi (newer versions using the 'stretch' image require a blank 'ssh' file under /boot). Then you can ssh to the pi from another machine, mac or win, using 'ssh pi@ip_address'. If what you really want is to have your robot 'see' and throw the image it sees as it's driving around, I recommend getting a PiCamera (around $30) which hooks up to the board. Then check out this blog to live-stream the video from the camera: https://www.digikey.com/en/maker/blogs/streaming-live-to-youtube-and-facebook-using-raspberry-pi-camera/969a7932d47d42a79ba72c81da4d9b66


I would look down the avenue of screencasting. It would likely mean that you'd need to initially set it up on the Pi with traditional HDMI temporarily. The following thread discusses some areas to look into. But I'm sure there is some Google Chromecast set up you put together.

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