I have configured my Raspberry Pi zero to have an ssh connection. When I log into that connection, I can access the terminal and all the commands I try work, except when I try to use raspi-config. It opens, and I can highlight one of the options and switch betwen the options, select, and finish, but I am unable to do anything beyond that. I have tried updating. How do I fix this, or is there some other thing I need to do other than press "enter" on select after I choose the option (I have also tried pressing enter over the option)?

  • did you run it as sudo? – Steve Robillard Jan 25 '18 at 23:10
  • @SteveRobillard yes, and I also tried it without, in which case it doesn't start. – cat40 Jan 25 '18 at 23:12
  • pressing enter over the option - not sure what this means. Enter is on the keyboard, not on the screen – Jaromanda X Jan 25 '18 at 23:40
  • @JaromandaX I press right arrow or tab until the option is highlighted on the screen, then press ENTER. – cat40 Jan 25 '18 at 23:46
  • OK, just looked like an odd statement ... what ssh client are you using? try using ctrl-M on your keyboard instead of enter, perhaps the ssh client is to blame – Jaromanda X Jan 25 '18 at 23:51

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