I am taking photos every hour during the day. Photos at night are very underexposed as you can see in my example.
Here's the part of the python script that matters

import os
os.system("raspistill -t 2000 -md 2 -ex auto -awb off -awbg 1.5,1.45 -ISO 100 -o photo.jpg")

Photo at 5 am south hemisphere

Exif data:

Make : RaspberryPi
Camera Model Name : RP_imx219
Exposure Time : 1/15
F Number : 2.0
Exposure Program : Aperture-priority AE
ISO : 100
Metering Mode : Center-weighted average
Flash : No Flash
Exif Image Width : 3280
Exif Image Height : 2464
Exposure Mode : Auto
White Balance : Auto
Megapixels : 8.1
Shutter Speed : 1/15
Focal Length : 3.0 mm
Light Value : 5.9

Manual tests showed me that 2 seconds was a good ss value for exposure.
1/15" is 5 points of underexposure
What am I missing?


Under low clight conditions, the required shutter speed cannot be determined automatically. You have to specify the -ss option, with the shutter time in microseconds following.

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