I am trying to run and SDL hardware-accelerated app, PICO,-8 over VNC, and thanks to this community I am making progress!

One solution is to use RealVNC with the experimental DirectCapture feature enabled. When I do this, PICO-8 launches, but the app does not respond to keyboard commands at all.

How can I send keyboard commands to PICO-8 when using the DirectCapture feature?

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If you can run PICO-8 without X11 then this may work, since the RealVNC server uses a different method to inject input events (uinput) when X11 isn't running.

  • I believe there is a direct framebuffer support baked in... Would setting the sdl_videodriber envar be sufficient to force the app away from x11?
    – J Mac
    Commented Jan 30, 2018 at 4:53

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