I have a python program that comes up at boot. It is a photobooth program designed to start whenever the raspi is powered up. I have set a crontab for it. It starts automatically.
I cannot get it to stop and restarting only runs the program again.
Can I boot to a command prompt? Can I crash the GUI so I have a command line?
Can I stop a running Python program with some operation? I pressed every key I could think of at startup and the raspi switched into read only mode, so I cannot edit the python file. grr. The ip is set to a fixed address that conflicts with another computer on the lan so I cannot Putty in. Not sure what to do here.


If it is possible, one of the easiest way would be to edit your crontab file in order to remove the line that launch your script :

sudo crontab -e

And then reboot your pi.

If you still want to launch your script at startup but you want to kill it for any reasons, this could help you : https://superuser.com/questions/446808/how-to-manually-stop-a-python-script-that-runs-continuously-on-linux

It explains how to identify the process number of your python script and then how to kill it.

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You could pull the SD card and mount it elsewhere and edit the crontab to disable it from coming up.

If you used crontab -e to do this, then look for the file in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/(username) presumably "pi"

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Maybe you can press Ctr-C if the program is currently running in the shell.

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