I am planning to do a classroom project using R and RStudio IDE. I am able to run R from command line. I installed the package using the command below sudo apt-get install r-base

Now I am trying to install the RStudio IDE and I found this Installing RStudio link which has a lot of packages and dependencies to be installed.

I have also checked the RStudio source code on GitHub and the GitHub Instructions are different there, will those instructions are applicable to the armhf-based Raspberry Pi Ubuntu MATE.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Generally, instructions for compiling don't change from architecture to architecture very much. Compiling code for x86 and compiling for armhf will usually just need the same commands, so I would expect the official README to be accurate.

The other page you linked to says that is adapted from this answer, which is in fact from our own little corner of the Internet, Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange.

It's much more obvious why the other link does all of these unusual steps if you view it in the context of the Stack Exchange Q&A – someone tried following the official instructions on the Pi, and it didn't work for them, but another user was able to find some steps to make it work.

I suggest you try the official instructions first, and if you have trouble with those, this answer's steps might be worth trying. There might be slight variations given that you're using Ubuntu MATE, but the only way to find out is by trying. Good luck!

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