I have managed to setup up a working Jenkins server on my raspberry pi 2. The Pi has an IP address through a LAN cable connected into the wall. I cannot however access the Jenkins server from my laptop on a different network. I have changed the Jenkins server to use it's IP address and not the local one. Is there anyway I can access my Jenkins server on the raspberry pi on my computer on a different network?

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    What is a wall? A firewall? Are you sitting on a private network with a NATed router to the internet (the usual home configuration)? Where is the different network? Inside or outside of the firewall? Maybe you have to poke a hole into the firewall with port forwarding? Btw.: this is not really a specific question for raspberry pi.
    – Ingo
    Feb 4 '18 at 11:34
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I see that you're connecting your Raspi to your local networks and trying to access it from the internet which you cannot achieve via local networks connection. I would suggest two thing 1: Get a public Ip from your ISP

2: If you just want to access it for Remote Desktop you can do that by installing VNC and signup for RealVNC account and login to Raspi vnc server ->add device ->go to viewer device login with real vnc and you can see the devices in there and you can access it

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