I have my RPi3 successfully connected with kedei 3.5 inch touchscreen v6.3 with the driver that I downloaded from kedei.net/raspberry/raspberry.html. However, I cannot switch back to HDMI view on my TV (from 3.5inch LCD display to TV screen). I have tried to run the "LCD_restore" file that I got from the driver .tar file but there is error when running it, (in multiple times saying: no such file or directory); for example, when I ran the line: "sudo cp ./backup/kernel.img /boot/kernel.img". note: I put my LCD_show_v6_1_3 folder on desktop enter image description here

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Based on your image, It looks like you might not have marked the LCD_hdmi file as executable.

chmod +x LCD_hdmi

should make it executable. Then if you run it again it should work.

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