I've been attempting to setup a cross-compile workflow for the last week, and have not had any success, despite the numerous guides and how-to's online. My host machine is running 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04, my target is a Raspberry Pi 2 running Rasbian Lite.

I've tried each of the following guides numerous times, wiping and reinstalling both Ubuntu and Raspbian Lite each time:

In each example, I'm left with a sysroot folder or toolchain folder which is different to that in the tutorial, which ultimately prevents me from configuring a Device/Kit in Qt Creator.

Does anyone have a recent cross-compile guide, that they've managed to use successfully in the last couple of months? The above guides are all fairly old, and no matter how many attempts I make, I just cannot get it to work. I've been writing the steps I've taken as I've gone, so I fully intend to post an updated how-to guide once I've got it working, but I'm going to need some assistance to get there.


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