Straight to the point. I'm using flask web server to build my monitoring garden. with this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/From-Data-to-Graph-a-Web-Jorney-With-Flask-and-SQL/

finally, I made it with following step by step this tutorial. Using flask as web server and some how, the result i got were slightly different. I'm totally sure, same as the author for every aspect (database, code).

FYI, the final result must be displaying 2 historical chart images based on my database. and sure mine was displaying it perfectly but why its only display 1 chart ? the humidity chart. and when i check the messages i got error 500 http on my terminal while the other GET method were 200 when flask running

Error 500 HTTP GET

Result on Web

I don't understand whats the problem, the humidity data were perfectly displayed but why the temperature data were not. in fact humidity and temperature is on same table.

this is the link of python flask app

this is the link for html index

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In the code, find the line with Temperature and remove the degree symbol so it looks like this "Temperature [C]". Could be your version of python but whatever the reason, it's unable to decode that symbol. Try searching "python can't decode 0xc2" in your favorite search engine.

  • thank you so much ! yes after i remove the symbol degree its work perfectly Feb 16, 2018 at 6:04

I see this kind of error often, when I use Python code that is written for Python 3 with an Python 2 interpreter / Runtime (or vice versa). They change the way String literals are interpreted when printing/serializing (asscii, UTF-8). Please compare your python installation with that of the original author. Is is the same? I'm pretty sure that's the problem.

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