I have connected a USB serial device (example Arduino) to Rpi and I am able to read incoming data. I am using node-red for this. I would like to use USB serial device activity to wake up my desktop from sleep.

For example We can wake up the desktop from sleep using mouse movements and clicks. I want to do something similar with USB serial device (example Arduino) activity.

How can I do this via a shell script running in the background?

  • Please read raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-ask and then edit you question. – MatsK Feb 8 '18 at 6:23
  • Thanks for the how to ask page. I would like to know what part of the question I posted is unclear, or if you need more information to be added. – Vasanth Dhinakaran Feb 8 '18 at 6:29
  • What research have you done? Cant see any! And read the ask page again please. – MatsK Feb 8 '18 at 6:32
  • I hope that I have given enough context behind my question. Please do comment. – Vasanth Dhinakaran Feb 8 '18 at 7:05
  • 1
    I'm afraid you need to be more specific: You mention both "wake up the desktop" and "wake up my rasbian os" which are two very different things. Anyhow, both these things would be the same as for many other Debian or Linux versions. (just a hint to help you with googling) – jogco Feb 8 '18 at 12:06

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