I'd like to remotely be able to check RasPi's status, including:

  • processor speed, usage
  • free disk space
  • the CPU temperature
  • top processes
  • ...

... as a dashboard-like web page.

I know I could (manually) check each of these from a ssh-connected console, but I'd rather get the big picture from a (maybe) "read-only" web page.

Ability to show time graphs of aforementioned parameters would be extra-nice.

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This looks promosing too: Ground Control


There are many tools out there for exactly what you are asking. phpSysInfo should do the trick as well as DarkStat, nagios, cacti, mrtg, the list goes on. It is a matter of personal preference and desired ability that is not to heavy (Many of these are resource hogs, designed for a powerhouse server). A quick google for debian web-based monitors should provide you a much more exhaustive list.

Or you could always write your own :)


This looks promising: https://github.com/cgoldberg/linux-stats-dashboard

enter image description here

I'll update the answer after I get to try it on RasPi.

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