I am attempting to connect a Raspberry Pi Zero W with HDMI to an AV Receiver (Pioneer VSX-820). My interest is exclusively in playing sound over the speakers connected to the receiver, although there is also a television connected to the receiver. Unfortunately, I am not getting any sound.

I am plugging the pi into an HDMI port labeled "BD." I have verified that if I plug my DVD player into the BD port I can get audio. I've also verified that if I plug the pi into my TV's HDMI port I can get audio through the TV from the pi.

This seems to rule out anything being wrong with the ports, cables, or hardware.

Is there some unique configuration that is required to get audio with an AV Receiver?

  • It...er...eventually started working. I haven't figured out why, yet. – Will Mar 10 '18 at 1:07

I don't want 100% understand what went on here, but it briefly started working again, possibly because I plugged the pi directly into the TV and then moved it over to the receiver. While it was working, I dumped the edid with:

tvservice -d edid.dat

Eventually (probably after a reboot) it stopped working again.

Then I moved edid.dat to the /boot/ directory (with the name edid.dat), opened /boot/config.txt, and added the line:

hdmi_edid_file = 1

Then a quick reboot, and everything seems to be working.

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