I have installed tightvncserver on the raspberrypi 3. I have successfully ssh into the raspberry pi 3 from Mac OS (X 10.8.5) with this command: ssh pi@raspberrypi.local and is working fine. However, I tried to remotely open desktop of raspberry pi 3 from real vnc viewer already installed on the Mac OS and is giving me error message as:

"VNC Viewer quit unexpectedly"

Can somebody help


RealVNC uses X11, and by default mirrors the existing screen. It also has proprietary extensions.

tightvncserver does not use X11 and creates a new virtual screen.

I use tightvncserver and start session with open vnc://pi@ using the existing viewer on the Mac (change to your IP or use raspberrypi.local).

See Access to Raspberry Pi VNC session from Mac OS X

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