It's 2018, and the current version of MongoDB for the Raspbian package manager is only version 2.4.10. This is a problem, because this old MongoDB version is becoming so stale that it won't work with the latest drivers. I can't connect my NoSQL browser to it anymore, and I expect my applications will stop working as well if I upgrade those drivers.

Can we get a new version of MongoDB, at least version 2.6.0?

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Unusually, the Raspbian repositories are out of sync with the official Debian repositories which host version 3.2.11 for Stretch. I checked the Raspbian repos and Raspbian Stretch only has 2.4.14 available.

There are unofficial builds for Stretch, mind you, such as one from Andy Felong which provides 3.0.14.

If you're desperate you could also try building from source; commenters there suggest that version 3.2 works with Stretch.

Note that although the newer Pis may be 64-bit, that probably won't help with finding a pre-compiled package—your Pi runs the ARM architecture, whereas the pre-built packages are for x86_64 (the architecture used in most desktop and laptop PCs). They won't be compatible, unfortunately.


You could try with mongoPi project. I've tried it on my Pi 3 (on Razbian 9, kernel 4.9.59) but couldn't make it run. I didn't really put much effort into trying to make it run, so it might work if you tweaked it a bit, though it seems versions 3.4 and 3.5 were compiled on 64-bit OpenSUSE, so those versions might only work on 64-bit systems? They have a 32-bit 3.0 version there as well if that will be of any help.


Good news, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model b+ will be 64 bit, so hopefully mongo 64 bit will install on the new model. Has anybody tested this yet? I intend to buy one as soon as they come out for sale. https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b-plus/

Edit As of 2018-09-30 Raspberian is still only x86, so even though the hardware supports x64, the OS is not there yet.


MongoDB doesn't officially support the Pi for new releases. I have compiled the community edition and have MongoDB 6.x running on a Pi with 64-bit Debian. Feel free to raise an issue on this repo if you encounter any issues getting these binaries to run. I also have fairly involved step-by-step instructions to cross-compile the MongoDB project yourself.

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