This has driven me crazy so I hope someone can help. I have a script that works perfectly when executed manually or when restarting lightdm, but when it runs during a boot and auto-login, it returns a literal * instead of using it as a wildcard. It is set to run from


by including:

@/bin/sh /home/pi/finder.sh

the script includes:

fileName=( /media/pi/DISPLAY/display.* )
[[ -e $fileName ]]

I have used other iterations of code and search methods, but all have the same results. When this script is run under any circumstances other than a boot/login it returns a $fileName something like:




However, when the pi boots and performs its auto-login, it returns the exact $fileName of:


I have tried any number of alernative coding solutions, and even started with a simple find command. However, everything I do has the same results of working with:

sudo systemctl restart lightdm

but nothing I have tried works during the normal boot process and always returns a literal * instead of wilcard results.

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    i'm only guessing here. it may be that the boot-time shell is different from run-time shell
    – jsotola
    Commented Feb 25, 2018 at 5:28

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The shell is run with turned-off globbing, most likely for "security reasons".

$ ls -1
$ echo *
a b
$ set -f
$ echo *
$ set +f
$ echo *
a b

You will get "/media/pi/DISPLAY/display.*" when there is no file corresponding.

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