So, I am very new to using a rasberry pi, and I am trying to get it to boot up for the first time. I just used a formatted MicroCD Card, complete with NOOBS, and I am using an HDMI cable with a TV to get it set up. However, the TV is just saying that it there is no signal to receive from anything. The ACT (green) light is going solid for about a second and then blinking twice and going out. And the Power (red) light is solid for the entire time that I am trying to get it to boot up. Is there a step that I am missing, or is there something I have to do to get it set up to run on a TV?


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As said by @Jaromanda X, and from elinux.org:

Green LED blinks in a specific pattern: ... 2 flashes: The SD Card cannot be read. Solution : Format card and flash Raspbian with Pi Installer from Terminal.


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