The Google AIY project for Raspberry Pi works great out of the box.

When trying to use their libraries, scripts and code templates in a custom project, however, I hit a bump. My project has the same/similar directory structure and has their aiy folder in its src folder.

When my custom voice recognition program tries to import cloudspeech I get this error that google_auth_authlib.flow could not be imported.

This file is imported by the helper file aiy/assistant/auth_helpers.py.

Since that file and its parent and grandparent directories are identical between the AIY example repo and my project, I'm wondering what/where I need to install and import a related Google library.

To my knowledge the virtual environment of my custom project is a superset of the Google AIY virtualenv, but I suppose I must be missing something somewhere?

To make matters more interesting, if I go to the aiy/assistant directory on a command line with my custom projects virtualenv active, I can run

python auth_helpers.py

and it runs without any errors. Very strange.

  • Could you post your code? Specifically your import statements? – C Malasadas Mar 11 '18 at 4:39

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