I have this Canon MP210 and I would like to turn it to wireless printing and scanning using raspberry.

I've installed CUPS (apt-get install cups) and I can find the MP210 in the drivers' list.

If I print a test page it won't print.

So I've investigated further and it looks like Canon used to provide the linux driver (cnijfilter-mp210series_2.80-1_i386.deb) I've downloaded and extracted from it simply the ppd file, deleted the printer in CUPS and installed a brand new one with the ppd file.

No luck: the test page is not printed anyway.

(I have an error with missing /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij)

I've also found a few forums where they suggested to use mp160 drivers or mp180: no luck at all.

What can I try?

Thanks a lot!

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The printer was working from the start but using SAMBA to print it had probably some problem.

I've found here a perfectly working solution: https://askubuntu.com/questions/110727/windows-computers-can-only-print-test-pages-to-shared-ubuntu-printer

I copy and paste it anyway:

In Linux stop sharing the printer through Samba.

Share it through CUPS instead: go to http://servername:631/ and there will be spoe "Share printers" checkbox.

On Windows add a Network printer, and don't search for it; add manually this address:


printer_name is the name shown in the CUPS Web interface for your printer.

You will be prompted to choose the proper model and a driver will be installed. That's it.

Unlike Samba, advanced feature also work now.

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