I am using a USB camera and uv4l to stream the video to another machine. This is how I invoke uv4l: uv4l --driver uvc --device-id [bus:id] --config-file /etc/uv4l/uv4l-uvc.conf

I want to configure the camera exposure, resolution, brightness, etc. but I can't find a way to do it. Before installing uv4l I can use v4l2-ctl or uvcdynctrl to set the parameters. Now v4l2-ctl and uvcdynctrl both say that they can't find any devices. I'm using a Rpi 3 and Raspbian Stretch. Please help. Thank you.

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On my setup (stretch, pi zero, and pi camera via csi) I needed to say --device=/dev/video1 to get v4l2-ctl to work

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