I'm looking for a way to have an autonomous Raspberry Pi.

The idea is to have a Raspberry Pi outdoor, with a camera, + possible weather sensor and Wi-Fi mesh (I might looking for too much...)

Any idea of the requirement for make it autonomous (self powered by solar / wind)?

I have no idea of how much power I need for the battery to run it 24h in Ireland (pretty dark and cloudy...)


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It depends on how much current the Raspbery Pi consumes and that depends on:

  • Raspberry Pi version
  • What is running on the Raspberry Pi
  • Any add-on hardware

The theoretical approach is :

Power (watt) = U (voltage) x I (Current)

And for the battery: = Current x Hours = Amp/Hours

This is values from a specific setup, just here for reference. enter image description here


I would recommend to meassure the power on your setup and calculate from that. And I would also recommend to search for "power conservation".

Some other references:



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