We are running raspbian stretch and have our mono based application running fine however we've found that after several days (this can be 2 days it could be 7) that our PI's just hang.

Kernel: Linux raspberrypi 4.9.41-v7+ #1023 SMP Tue Aug 8 16:00:15 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

Our symptoms:

  • The devices ping
  • Unable to make SSH connections (it says enter login, but when you hit enter after your username it comes back with server disconnected
  • We are unable to launch new processes via our UI

I've managed to get a dmesg on a device this morning which it has happened on and it shows:

mmc0: card never left busy state
mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD Card
EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p2): previous I/O error to duperblock detected

We are using Kingston Industrial SD Cards so I know the SD Cards are up to the task. Also, simply rebooting the devices brings them back to life

Can anyone advise further on what to look for?

The actual dmesg screen

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    That looks similar to the errors I was getting just before my SD card totally stopped working Mar 14 '18 at 11:22
  • FYI, it is always better to shut down a Pi from the command line (any computer for that matter). When you say reboot, are you simply power-cycling the Pi? If you are, doesn't matter how good the SDCard is - there will always be a chance you are corrupting it.
    – st2000
    Mar 14 '18 at 12:02
  • Of course if we have access to the system we always attempt a safe shutdown. The reboot im mentioning is we dont have access to the device and the user can only reboot them via a power cycle
    – MJJames
    Mar 14 '18 at 12:48
  • cron a reboot at some nice time of the day...
    – Abel
    Jun 9 '21 at 3:37

This issue has been up in several foryums since the dawn of the Raspberry Pi.

And culprit has been the SD card or the SD card holder.

And to troubleshoot:

  • Reflash the SD card
  • Try a different SD card brand.

Note. Never power cycle the Raspberry Pi, and by the way any OS it is the road to a corrupted file system.

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