i'm new to raspi/debian. I need to connect my raspi, for the first time, to internet. As the PC i need to establish an pppoe link to my router as required from my internet service provider. I don't know what's package precisly required, i read something like i need pppoeconf package, but i'd like to expand deeply my knowledge about these, before install something. An other question is, i have to install driver or they are included? I have debian wheezy 7.0.

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    Does your router not hand you just a plain old tcp/ip connection? Sounds like it may be time for an upgraded router...
    – Butters
    Commented Jun 23, 2013 at 5:45

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We would need to know what router it is before we know whether you need to install drivers. Do you connect to the router using Ethernet ? If you do, you don't need drivers.

you will need a few packages -


Optionally you can also install pppoeconf to configure the connection

If you want to know more about the package, apt-cache show ppp will show you what the package does.

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