I changed in setting under sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard XKBLAYOUT="in"

I know i made some mistakes here "in" is not any standard but after rebooting my system am unable to login in my device please help me out.


If you have a computer running linux you can mount the sd card partition and simply change the setting from there.

The preinstalled rasbian sd-cards uses ext4 for the system partition so you probably won't be able to do this using windows.


How are you trying to login, via your keyboard connected to the device or via a shell?

If you have ssh running on the Pi and it is connected to your home internet connection, then log into your routers page (usually something like and find the IP# that has been assigned to the RPi.

You can then see if the ssh service is started - try ssh pi@ (Assuming pi is your login). If you get a shell, try your password and hopefully you can log in. You should then be able to edit the keyboard configuration and re-start the Pi.

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