Hi we have two Pis (A Pi3 acting as a server/gateway and a Pi0W acting as the client) and we are trying to get them to communicate. They are connected via Bluetooth, and the Pi3 has a NAP server running, but the Pi0W cannot get an IP address from it. I guess the question is, how do I set up a Pi so that there is a DHCP server running on some interfaces (Namely, br0 and possibly bnep0) and a client on other interfaces (Namely, eth0 and wlan0). The Pi3 needs connection to the Internet. I know it should be possible.

Interfaces on the Pi3: lo eth0 wlan0 br0 bnep0 (When BT connected)

On the Pi0W: lo wlan0 bnep0 (When BT connected)

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